Owen Goose Blinds 2011

The CWF3 board members spruce up the goose blinds built in 2010 on the Owen Mill Pond.

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Goose Blinds on Owen Mill Pond

The City of Owen approached the Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, & Feather board members in 2010 to help control the ever-increasing goose problem around the local mill pond by building publically accessible goose blinds. The geese are notorious for messing up the park, horseshoe pits, and pavilion areas when their numbers get high and the city hopes that by F3 building these easily accessible blinds, it will encourage hunters to harvest some of the problem geese in the city during the early goose hunt.

Don and Ron Fixing Up Goose Blinds in OwenDuring the summer of 2010, CWF3 built four goose blinds in various locations around the pond for local hunters to utilize. The City of Owen approached CWF3 again in 2011 to spruce up the blinds and make them useable for the 2011 early goose hunt. We anticipate that fixing and adding new blinds will be a yearly tradition since we’ve been hearing great feedback from the community.

Several local hunters told us they took their kids out goose hunting here and really enjoyed having a place so close to town to get good hunting action, with comfortable blinds for the kids.

For more information on the rules and regulations for hunting geese on the Owen Mill Pond, contact the Owen City Board.