Dylan Crabb’s First Bear Hunt

Dylan was 15 years old when the CWF3 board met him. We were introduced to Dylan through CWF3’s 2009 Sportsman of the Year award recipient, Brent Decker. Initially, we were going to show Dylan an exciting day of shooting trap and skeet at a local sportsman’s club, but after getting to know Dylan and his story a little bit better, Decker and CWF3 board decided to buy Dylan his own Winchester SX3 Flanigan exhibition shotgun to shoot at the range that day and keep as a gift. As it turned out, Dylan was a natural talent at shooting clay birds—right away he was breaking 20 out of 25 birds with his brand new shotgun.

CWF3 Organized Youth Bear Hunt
Dylan bags this 200 lb. black bear while hunting in Minnesota.

Board member Ron Herman, set up a meeting with the board and Dylan to meet Patrick Flanigan, the exhibition shooter whom the Dylan’s gun was named after. The board, Brent, and Dylan packed up and headed to Oshkosh to watch Flanigan’s show and meet with him afterwards.

Dylan was also able to hunt black bear with Minnesota Viking’s Defensive End, Jared Allen, Brent Decker, and CWF3 during the 2008 Minnesota bear hunt. CWF3 was fortunate enough to accompany Dylan when he harvested a 200 pound bear during the trip.

As time went on, Dylan’s situation worsened, but we were able to have one more outing with him. We were right there when Dylan bagged a turkey during the spring 2009 hunt in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, a month later, Dylan lost his long battle with Leukemia and we lost a great friend and an outdoorsman. Dylan will live-on each year in our banquet as we will be giving out the Dylan Crabb award each year to one deserving person that goes “above and beyond” for someone or something. Brent Decker was the first recipient of this award and we know there are many others in the area that are just as generous! If you or someone you know have a story like Brent and Dylan’s, we’d love to hear it. Email jeff@cwf3.com with your nomination for next year’s Dylan Crabb award.

To learn more about Dyan, go to Dylan’s Dairy Website.