Rock Creek Donation

In April of 2009, the board members of Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin & Feather were
approached by the Rock Creek Disabled Outdoors, Inc. sponsorship committee about an
unprecedented opportunity to make a difference in the lives of local handicapped outdoor

Sunset Pines Resort Cabin

Sunset Pines Resort includes three cottages, trails through fields and woods, and a fishing pond with a pier.

Rock Creek Disabled Outdoors was formed in 2003 is the operational arm for Dale
Petkovsek at Dale’s North Mound in Willard, WI, to handle the funding, promotion and
sponsorship of all disabled activities including the largest disabled deer hunting the US
held each year.

In 2000, Dale established an 80-acre recreational property called Sunset Pines Resort. It
includes 3 cottages, trails through fields and woods, and a fishing pond with a pier – all
accessible by wheelchair. This resort provides barrier-free enjoyment of the outdoors for
individuals from all over the Midwest.

“This project is exactly the type of opportunity that we had in mind when we started CWF3”, says Brian Hanson, Treasurer. “It is right in line with our Mission Statement to
provide outdoor activities for those that may not have the opportunity on their own
without a helping hand.”

This facility would make a wonderful headquarters for Rock Creek Disabled Outdoors;
However, the costs of construction and mortgage in establishing this require capital.

Sunset Pines Resort CabinA private benevolent sponsor stepped forward – a WY resident from the Greenwood/Willard area – who offered to match funds dollar for dollar up to $100,000 to
make this happen.

The CWF3 board all agreed that this was a cause worth supporting, and agreed to pledge $1,000 toward the Rock Creek Outdoors headquarters. “Although this was a large
percentage of what we raised from our banquet – this had the potential to help so many people – we just had to contribute as much as possible,” said John Kleczewski, CWF3
Vice President. “The chance to have our donation matched 100% was too good to pass up.”

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather is honored to be a supporter of this worthy cause, and encourages our friends and fellow sportsmen and women to contribute as well. Check out photos of activities at the resort at and consider making a tax deductible donation of any size

to: Dale Petkovsek, Rock Creek Disabled Outdoors, Inc., W8902 Rock Creek Road, Willard, WI 54493-9016. Tell them their friends at F3 sent you!

To learn more about Rock Creek and Sunset Pines Resort visit their website.