Photo Contest Rules and Agreement

Contest Rules

  • Individual in the photo must be wearing F3 logo item (hat, shirt, jacket, etc)
  • Photo must be with an animal (live or recently deceased)
  • Person entering the photo in the contest must have attended the banquet in the last 3 years
  • Tailgate pictures and other distasteful images will not be considered for this contest.
  • Photo release form must be signed to be eligible
  • Photos to submitted via


Prizes are subject to change at anytime and without notice, but could include prizes such as: F-Buck packages for the 2016 banquet, meal tickets to the 2016 banquet, or F3 gear.

Photo Release

By checking the box on the photo content submission page you and any individual in the image are hereby giving Central Wisconsin Fur Fin & Feather permission to use the attached photo/video for future promotional efforts.

This includes, but does not limit to the use of press releases, print ads, internet (including Social Media outlets), posters, newsletter publications and Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin & Feather publications.