Veterans ice fishing trip

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Sportsman’s Lake Boat Dock Project

The boat docks are now in position on the ice and ready to float in the Spring thanks to a group of volunteers including members of the local Fire Department. We are very proud to have this project nearly complete and look forward to seeing the docks used by area sportsmen in the Spring.

Boat dock work Boat dock positioning Boat dock on ice Boat Dock Set


The team of craftsmen and volunteers are nearing completion on one section of the boat dock project. Docks are in position and ready to float!


The summer of 2014 has given the team the spark to make massive strides in completing the Boat Dock project at Sportsman’s Lake. Floats are now attached to the frames awaiting decking. Soon they will be floated and ready for people to enjoy!

Boat Dock Floats Floats Boat Dock Assembly Boat Dock Frame

Help Us Decide

We’ve asked you for your support throughout the years, and you have always come through. Every banquet is a success because of your generosity giving Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin and Feather more resources to give back to great initiatives. Now – we’d like your thoughts on what to work on next!

Please comment on our Facebook page with opportunities in your area that F3 can support. We’re looking to compile a list of all of the potential projects in our area that support our mission.

With your guidance, we can truly – leave it better than we found it!

2013 Fall Raffle

The efforts to fund all of our worthwhile initiatives has expanded beyond the annual banquet. Your Board successfully wrapped up a fall gun raffle on November 9, 2013 at Shay Creek Sports. All 536 tickets were sold, and eight very happy people walked away with great prizes.

  1. Sean Anderson
  2. Adam Hunt
  3. Pat Henrichs
  4. Roy Jochimsen
  5. Ben Way
  6. Rob Schlama
  7. Troy Hondrow
  8. Don Beyer

Thank you to everyone who helped sell tickets, to all of those who purchased tickets, and to everyone who has supported Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin and Feather!

Hunter Hill’s Crossbow

Thirteen-year-old Hunter Hill, from Medford, WI was presented with a Parker Bow crossbow at the annual Black River Sportsman Club Awards Banquet on Friday, April 5, 2012. Hunter is a young boy that loves the outdoors and loves hunting. Hunter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth, which contributes to some challenges in the woods. Hunter has a difficult time manipulating the gun and is also a bit gun-shy due to the recoil and blast of the gun. He loves deer hunting and has come close to bagging his first deer, but due to those factors he’s so far been unsuccessful.

Rex Hill, brother of Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, & Feather board member Jeff Hill, is Hunter’s father. Rex has been involved with the Black River Sportsman Club since its inception, so CWF3 was happy to partner with the Black River Sportsman Club in presenting Hunter with this crossbow in hopes that he comes one step closer to getting his first deer.

Chad Klabon of the Black River Sportsman Club and Jeff Kellnhofer of Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, & Feather had the opportunity to work with Hunter and his new crossbow for a while after the presentation. After a short time, Hunter started to get comfortable with the bow once he knew that there wasn’t going to be a recoil after he pulled the trigger. In fact, he got so comfortable with it, that he started consistently putting arrows on the target. Jeff Kellnhofer said, “When Hunter hit the target, he literally sprung out of his chair in excitement. He’d still be shooting if they’d have let him.”

“F3 appreciates the opportunity to work with friend and partner, Black River Sportsman Club in bringing Hunter one step closer to realizing his dream of getting a deer. A big thanks also goes out to Parker Bows and Shay Creek Sports for playing a tremendous role in making this a reality for Hunter. I personally look forward to making sure that he not only gets a deer, but gets his first buck with the cross bow.” said CWF3 President, Jeff Kellnhofer.

Learn more about Parker Bows and Shay Creek Sports.

Cleaning Wood Duck Houses 2013

On Sunday, February 17, 2013, Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, & Feather (CWF3) braved the cold weather and deep snow to clean wood duck houses on the Sportsman Lake in Owen, WI.  We were joined by a number of volunteers including Chad Klabon of the Black River Sportsman’s Club.

Nearly 14 wood duck houses are currently placed in various locations throughout the Sportsman Lake area based on ‘best-practice’ recommendations from a local DNR biologist. Each year after the nesting season has passed, the CWF3 board will go out to the lake and clean out the old bedding in the houses a replace with fresh woodchips to allow for a new family of wood ducks to use the houses when they fly back in the spring. These houses require attention each year and the CWF3 board has been cleaning out and maintaining the houses since 2010.

This year, all of the duck houses had some sign of usage—mostly by Mergansers. Most of the houses had multiple hatches—all nests had signs of a successful early hatch; however, there were a number of nests that had un-hatched eggs from a later hatch.

CWF3 looks forward to expanding the number of duck houses on the lake in the upcoming year.  Board member, Don Beyer, is working on a prototype that will allow for easier woodchip cleanout that we plan to begin installing this fall and next winter.

Field of Dreams Fishing Trip

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, & Feather partnered with Field of Dreams Hunt Program this summer and sponsored a Great Lakes fishing trip of a lifetime on Lake Michigan, near Kewaunee, WI for one of the members of the FOD hunt program.  Field of Dreams is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Rice Lake, WI designed to provide disabled sportsmen and women with the chance to pursue their outdoor dreams.

Their mission is to bring a sense of normalcy to an otherwise limited life by awarding members of the Field of Dream Hunt Program hunting and fishing opportunities both locally as well as destination outings.  The Field of Dreams flagship program is to match disabled hunters with guides and landowners during a gun/deer hunt.

Thomas Slayton Jr. (TJ) was awarded this year’s Michigan fishing trip and was accompanied on the outing by Field of Dreams Program Coordinator Jeff VanGuilder and boat owner Darryl Dostal.

Overall, the trip was a success. The weather cooperated as well as the bite.  TJ and the group hooked into over 18 fish, including a 20 lb. salmon. “You cannot possibly imagine what a 20 lb. salmon does to you when it’s screaming line out.  The sheer size of the fish next to TJ was unbelievable.  You can’t put a price tag on that.” Said VanGuilder.

TJ said, “The trip went great, I have a new fish for my trophy wall…just one more life long dream checked off my bucket list.”  The taxidermy services will be donated by the Field of Dreams Hunting Program.

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, & Feather’s Secretary, Jared Younker said, “This program aligns with our mission so closely—FOD is doing such a great thing.  We’re really glad we could play such a small part in this awesome initiative and can’t wait for future projects with Field of Dreams.”

Learn more about the Field of Dreams Hunting Program at

Stocking Fish in Dorchester Pond

Jeff Stocking Dorchester Pond

Jeff Stocking Dorchester Pond

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather in conjunction with Taylor County Sportsman’s Club and Outdoor Sportsman’s Banquet embarked on a joint venture to stock the Dorchester Pond with hybrid bluegills. Each club contributed cash towards the project, and on Monday July 2nd, Lloyd Kalepp with Kalepp Fish Farm and leaders from each of the donating organizations’ boards planted over 1,100 new residents in the pond in Dorchester. Christal Danen, secretary of the Outdoor Sportsman’s Banquet said, “I’m super excited for the kids to be able to fish there again. I remember fishing there when I was a kid, and even just a few years ago.”

Last year the Dorchester Park and the Wisconsin DNR dredged the southern portion of the pond and rebuilt the dam and west shoreline. Aerators were also repaired and reinstalled in the south end of the pond to help sustain the aquatic life that inhabits this body of water. “These aerators really move a lot of water and I’m confident the kids in the area will be catching these fish for years to come.” said Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather President, Jeff Kellnhofer.

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather is proud to be part of this project that offers young and old alike a great fishing hole so close to home. Along with the hybrid bluegills planted by the three local organizations, the DNR also recently planted trout in the pond. We’re excited that the Dorchester Pond offers thousands of new fish in a variety of species, but want to remind those over 16 years old to make sure they hold a trout stamp and to obey the size and bag limits. We encourage you to live our mission and leave it better than you found it–that means practicing catch-and-release whenever possible.

2012 Spring Banquet

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather hosted the 4th annual Spring Banquet at Allison’s Steakhouse in Abbotsford, WI on March 10, 2012.  The doors opened at 4pm to just over 150 attendees.  Many of the folks attending this year’s banquet were both old friends and supporters, but there were many new faces again this year.  Among those in attendance were the business owners that really make this event happen each year—this year we had 35 generous sponsors helping support our mission to leave it better than we found it…

Without Central Wisconsin’s generous businesses and individuals, CWF3 would not be able to put on such an amazing banquet with such impeccable odds year after year!  This year we had over 50 guns in the room, some on raffle tables and a number of them given away as door prizes.  Between a puppy with training, guided hunting and fishing trips, artwork, and the beautiful wood furniture on the auction block, there was something for everyone.

Every year, the CWF3 board of directors recognizes someone with the Dylan Crabb Award for going “above and beyond” in terms of promoting Wisconsin’s great outdoors or making the outdoors accessible to someone that may not have had the opportunity.  Past winners include: Brent Decker, Jim Kimball and Brenda DuVall, and Kurt and Diane Benrud.  However, this year’s winner was a little bit different than previous years’ winners.  This year’s winner is just 25 years old, but has injected $1 million into our economy. Nearly every penny has been spent locally to benefit local youth and outdoorsman.  This year’s Dylan Crabb Award winner was the Taylor County Sportsman’s Club.  Learn more about TCSC.

The CWF3 board of directors is already looking forward to year 5, and have some surprises up our sleeves! Remember, this is your banquet and would love to hear what you liked about this year’s event and we also what to know how we can improve!  Email, comment, tweet, or phone—all great ways to get in touch with us.