Veterans ice fishing trip

Fish on!!

Beautiful sunset Saturday night!!

Zach definitely had us on the fish!!Highly recommended guide

Limited out.

Corey getting some help from Keith

Waiting for the fish to get cleaned….

Great group watching a majestic sunset

Getting ready to load up the snobear…

Jim showing us how its done!!

Lunch is served!!

Lunch break enjoying the beautiful weather!!

Eric’s on the fish…

Catching fish and eating some sausage donated from Rays Market in Abbotsford!! Thanks Al!!


Keith’s got one on!! None stop action!!

Another one for Eric…

John getting in on the action!!

Mike giving Eric a hand…His nickname was “The Claw” by the end of the day….nothing got out of his grip!!

Just starting the 3 mile ride out in the Snobear

Zach did a great job. Had us on fish all day!

Thats a lot of whitefish!!

Getting ready to clean them up.

Packing up for the first day

Jeff, Chris and Chris discussing the days events

All our Veterans and the board.

small one…

“The Claw”

coming up!

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