Stocking Fish in Dorchester Pond

Jeff Stocking Dorchester Pond

Jeff Stocking Dorchester Pond

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather in conjunction with Taylor County Sportsman’s Club and Outdoor Sportsman’s Banquet embarked on a joint venture to stock the Dorchester Pond with hybrid bluegills. Each club contributed cash towards the project, and on Monday July 2nd, Lloyd Kalepp with Kalepp Fish Farm and leaders from each of the donating organizations’ boards planted over 1,100 new residents in the pond in Dorchester. Christal Danen, secretary of the Outdoor Sportsman’s Banquet said, “I’m super excited for the kids to be able to fish there again. I remember fishing there when I was a kid, and even just a few years ago.”

Last year the Dorchester Park and the Wisconsin DNR dredged the southern portion of the pond and rebuilt the dam and west shoreline. Aerators were also repaired and reinstalled in the south end of the pond to help sustain the aquatic life that inhabits this body of water. “These aerators really move a lot of water and I’m confident the kids in the area will be catching these fish for years to come.” said Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather President, Jeff Kellnhofer.

Central Wisconsin Fur, Fin, and Feather is proud to be part of this project that offers young and old alike a great fishing hole so close to home. Along with the hybrid bluegills planted by the three local organizations, the DNR also recently planted trout in the pond. We’re excited that the Dorchester Pond offers thousands of new fish in a variety of species, but want to remind those over 16 years old to make sure they hold a trout stamp and to obey the size and bag limits. We encourage you to live our mission and leave it better than you found it–that means practicing catch-and-release whenever possible.

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